Mobile client asked me for intimate shave


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Jan 16, 2020
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Sudbury, Ontario
Sorry for the long story! I'm a brand new mobile stylist a few months into the field. I have prepared myself with travel plans, personal gps alarm system and buddy plan. I also thought I prepared through all shady questions I could encounter. But this one question really threw me off because well... I mean waxing is a service that can definitely be offered in a professional setting.... I don't think shaving is though... So it all started with him looking at my little trimmer while I was packing up and he says, "I need one of those, I used to have something like that to shave my balls". I told him to look at Sally's beauty supply. He talked about waxing them maybe, seemed genuine but I had a weird vibe. Then he said "would you want to do that while youre here with those". Implying to shave his balls with my clipper. In my head I'm thinking it might be possible he's just asking legitimately because I am mobile and some salons offer waxing so would a mobile salon? But he's not asking me to wax he's asking me to use a trimmer.... But I don't want to make him feel awkward or a weirdo based on training I had in school on dealing with these situations. What if he was asking sincerely. So when asked this question I responded as professionaly as I could saying that I didn't offer those services nor did I have the equipment, training and certification for that. Maybe I wouldn't have been so bothered by the question if he didnt persist to say he didn't mind if I wasn't qualified and he would be my model. I very quickly at this point declined, grabbed my bag and left. Feeling bad if I portrayed any awkward vibes. By the time I got to my next client he had called me to apologize and explain he injured his shoulder and that is why he cant get down there. Then proceeded to ask if I'd offer massage sercvices for the shoulder. Profesionally again told him I wasn't qualified for that either nor did I offer that service but I could recommend someone (but at this point not sure I would recommend anyone to him...) he then used the 'extra money comment' again not minding if I'm not qualified. I told him to refer to my service menu on the services I offered (hair only). And that was that. I thought I shut it down quite appropriately. Then a weird feeling sat with me so I told my friends and family about the incident, not exposing the persons identity and even talked to a fellow hairdresser all of which got the creepy vibe. I tried my best not to protray in a biased way and still felt unsettled. Like people do get down there waxed so could it not have been a harmless question? But then he called again THE NEXT DAY. I thought, oh no, somethings wrong with his cut did I leave his neck line crooked because I felt uncomfortable and made him feel awkward. I don't know what to think at this point. And this time he asked if I was free. I of course didn't tell him plans for the day and just said I am booked for the day. He went for the question again... "What about that other service I asked about? The shaving?" ... Okay now I know I've told this dude no, and I know no good would come from someone going to a strangers house to shave their balls. I again said not a service we offer and he goes, "oh I guess I'll call you when there's another service you can do" . Soo.... My take from the whole thing is just trust your gut. While at first the guy could have been innocently asking, but after telling him I wasn't qualified or even offering the service he continued to push the idea. And call me twice after his apointment not regarding his hair but his balls being shaved. Now my question is although we're told not to make someone feel awkward, what is the line really? The fellow hairdresser told me I should have acted offended immidately instead of be professional. But fellow waxers out there maybe you have a better take on when a question is genuine and when it's a little dodgy? And if it is dodgy how do I go about handling the client? Simply tell them it's not a good fit? Thanks for any input!
Sounds like you handled a difficult situation very well and got yourself out of the house safely and talked to others about it.
No way is this ok to ask of you. Like you say, male intimate waxing is done in a professional salon with appropriately qualified therapists.
Personally I would block his phone number, email, whatever else you have, so you can relax and not expect any further contact with him.
I personally feel his questions had sexual undertones. You were extremely polite. But I wouldn't rebook that guy for any treatment and if he asked I would tell him straight he made me very uncomfortable and I am not able trefer to any others (as he likely to behave the same way). You were there to cut his hair on his head, the comments about his balls in any context is inappropriate and scary if you're in his house as a mobile on your own.

look at it this way, would you go into a salon for your haircut and start asking your hairdresser to trim your lady bits, hell no.

I have had the stealth sexual undertones whilst massaging men. The first question, they get a polite response. A repeat would lead to a very stern reply. A third would be thrown out without a refund and banned for life with a comment to smile for my CCTV on way out.
There’s being polite and professional but if you feel uncomfortable at any point, your number one priority is your personal safety.
If you have to grab your stuff and walk out mid hair cut, just do it.

He was testing you to see how far he could push you and he clearly enjoyed making you feel uncomfortable, because he repeated his unreasonable request several times. You might want to consider contacting the Police non emergency number 101 and log it with them. He might already be known to them!

Well done for trusting your instincts. Now Block his number and contact details and don’t ever go back.
As if he expected you to trim his balls with the same trimmer you use on peoples faces!! sounds like a creep trying it on
Also maybe you could put on your service list NO intimate services, please don't ask as refusal often offends.
You absolutely did the right thing. Good on you for trusting your gut.

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