Celebrity Secrets Tanning

Anyone use Celebrity Secrets and what do you think???? I am impressed with their customer service.:lol:


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Ive used a sample & was impressed hun xxx

Was the coverage good? Did it look natural? How long did it last? I have just received some trial bottles today and i have a friend who is going to be my guinea pig tomorrow. Sorry questons, questions, questions!

i have recently ordered from them and think the colour is fab! Previously have been using tantrick but prefer this on myself and couple of clients do to. Smells great and went on evenly.

i think its a good one as well my clients love it.
It has a coconut smell, it wears well and the customer service is second to none


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celebrity secrets is a great company and their products are fab!! xx


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-I like celebrity secrets, had a sample bottle and then went on to order the 8% & 10% litre bottles, it goes on evenly, wears well and i love the colour.
A few of the clients now have this after seeing how well it looks on me...of course there is still the few who have su-do but the majority have now converted to cs.
Also as mentioned their customer service is excellent!


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Ditto to everything that has been said.

I have a client who comes every 7-10 days for her tan with the Celebrity Secrets 10%. I am regularly using the 10% occasionally the 8%, but I have one client who has tried the 12% and absolutely adored it.

All the solutions apply very evenly (even for a complete beginner) they fade evenly too without any of the patching you can sometimes get with solutions. The smell is fab and Mike at CS is very very helpful, no question is too much trouble for him to answer even if you think you are being a complete numpty for asking it!

I would be hard pushed to change to any other solution now.

thanks everyone for your input, will be spraying a friend in about 2 hours, so will let you know. If ok, i think i will use it on my client tomorrow. xx


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looking forward to hearing what you think xx
trid the sample. Loved it. As soon as I use up my current stuff I think I will be ordering from them.

Hi everyone - sprayed my friend, looking good. She rang me an hour later to say she was looking good and that her husband now wants one. The only thing is my disposable thongs won't fit him!!!! lol xxx


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glad it went ok, you should ask your friend what its like when the guide colour has been washed off.....i bet she's pleased!

glad it went ok, you should ask your friend what its like when the guide colour has been washed off.....i bet she's pleased!
she is going to ring me this morn and let me know how it is. It did look very nice last night, she did call me later last night and say that i had missed just under her arms near the arm pit - can't remember, but i have asked her to come round so that i can take a look at her. I did this free for her too! Will let you know shortly x


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So Louise, how did the tans go then. As I use Celebrity Secrets too I would be interested on how your tan faded on your clients. I myself have had no problems. I always like to know the outcome of threads like this.
I have used so many different solutions and my main thing when trying the samples is that they are all similar in colour but how do they fade and how long do they last.
Well not long with some, but with Celeb secrets I have found that it lasts the longest so that is what I use now and believe me I have tried many.
Cheers again you lot!! Where would I be without you? I have been struggling for a tanning system for ages! Celeb Secrets fits the bill exactly! I have just emailed them! I is ver very excited now!!!!!!

K x