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Jan 23, 2016
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I work in a chain salon that started with a bad reputation. I work on all different clients from women for cuts or color to men, children, and special needs clients. The company I work for requires stylists to work with the salon managers and go over all of the techniques, then go to a school for another week, then post train for around a month, so that the new stylist is comfortable and always has someone to help. My company also provides us with seminars every 3 months, and every other year has the top people of the color line and other product lines we use come and speak with us. We're also recertified every year as well. I am always being exposed to education in my field and feel comfortable doing any color or cut a client comes in with. In my experience, clients have come in and paid less and said they've received the same if not better hair color or style they got from a "high end" salon. I've seen a lot of other stylists talk down on where I work because they have no clue about the education we receive. Most stylists only deal with one type of clientele where we can work with almost anyone, and on top of that most can't do a fade, or a mans haircut involving clippers at all. A lot of our male clients actually refer to us as barbers even though we don't have that license. My point is that I can do anything a "high end" salon can do aside from perms or chemical relaxers.
Unfortunately, once a Salon has earnt a bad reputation, it's difficult to lose it without a thorough re-branding exercise.

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