Change from spray tan to manual?


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claire glass

Aug 8, 2011
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I currently use sienna x spray tan but it’s just making such a mess in my beauty room and I can’t keep up with cleaning all the orange off everywhere!! Thinking of changing to manual & offering it as a relaxing luxurious treatment in stead of a quick Spray & go. Price would obv Need to reflect this - how much would charge? do any of you do any of you offer this service or is long gone, is it popular enough to warrant offering? Hope everyone’s coping. Tia

House Beauty

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Jul 29, 2013
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I’ve only met one person who does it. Seems messier to me doing it all over the couch. But I’ve not had it done.

I’ve never had mess after a tan, just a light red tinge on surfaces. Just needs a wipe.

Could be standing too close and causing splashes where it bounces off the client from being a strong flow. Or needs adjusting.

Should be a fine spray. I’m a very very messy worker generally so I’m surprised your mess is with tan.

Are you putting a towel down inside the tent to protect the tent and one outside to keep the floor clean when client steps out?

Chuck everything you’ve used into the tent at the end to make it feel tidy Then use the used dryish towels to soak up the tan before cleaning, or when you spray it to clean it will make it runny and messy. Easier when it’s already soaked up.

I only deep clean mine once every summer with a power washer, then once it’s dried out 24hrs later spray it down with a waterproofing shoe spray so it’s wipe clean.

As for making it luxury, think about every step you do for it and how you could make it more relaxing. It’s very easy. Start with the client arrival.Tan clients are always on the go types, stressed or very excited at the thought of a tan, so if you tan them when they first arrive it makes for quite a messy loud and fast treatment with thousands of questions throughout and both feeling a bit overwhelmed at the end.

I give them extra time with me to talk, then extra to get changed and relax. Then add what you need throughout (I have to have some secrets! But just think about sensation so what they are touching/smelling/hearing etc and how you can improve). Tanning is loud so making everything else mellow and appeasing to other senses can help calm.

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