Charges for Glitter Acrylics i.e. Ruby Slipper.


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Hi all. I did my first set of ruby slipper glitter acrylics tonight on an ex pink and white client. She loved them and I was so pleased with my first attempt. Should I be charging the same price as pink and whites or more???? thanks all. Have you all tried any other variations on the pink and white i.e. pink and blue mosaic powder on the tips. Any advice appreciated.
...the Urban Metal Manicure (or Ruby Slipper) or ANY coloured tip - is that you CAN charge more for the look because you market it as a UNIQUE service!! If your client wants that particular service performed I would up my full-set price by £5-£10!!! (personally £10-£15)
The classic is - it takes you no more time (if you can do pink and White, you can do any coloured tip)and it costs you no more money!! - but you are charging more because it is a different look / unique service! Now that is how to make some extra dosh girls and boys!!! ;) :tongue:
Hi there.

Thanks for your reply. I will add £10.00 on per set I think and see how it goes.

As usual this is the best place to go for great advice.

I charge an extra £5 per set for glitters and my clients do not mind paying the extra as nowhere else offers this service around me, and i am doing more and more of them by the week :D :D
Hi again, was thinking of putting up a notice on board outside my shop to advertise my unique Glitter acrylics etc., Can you think of eyecatching wording that would grab attention for Xmas nails.

Thanks for your great help.
how about...something along the lines of...

- Sparkling Glitter Tips for the Holiday Season
- Twinkling Party Nails for Christmas
- Urban Chic Tips for the 21c woman!
- Stiletto Ruby Tips

I'm just pulling these out of my head but at least you would drum up interest! Do a couple so that you can show the look - better still WEAR the look yourself - you'll have them beating down the door!!! ;)
Thanks for your reply. What is your most popular glitter tip or colour tip at the moment. Have you done any whole nail glitters.
... the RED RUBY Slipper Nail but Crazy & Creative did a great 'purple' mix too - I would go for Christmassy colours like Silver, Gold, Red and maybe Black - how about Ruby Tips with a black sparkling Zone 2 & 3... just a thought! ;)
Hi Mrs. Geek, I have just done a very thin purple tip on myself with a miniscule thin blue line above it. Looks ok, but my nails are a bit short, probably look better on longer nails. Going to try a red glitter tip with a thin gold line above it, whatdya think?
Red and gold sound wicked especially for christmas! Try and post some pictures if you can. I can't wait to see them.
how about a burberry style but using red gold and silver? i def think the urban chic wording will get them interested sounds very posh!! :D nickki jonesx
Sounds fantastic would love to see pictures if possible. :D
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