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Thank you sooooo much, I am getting it now, I feel a bit of a dummy really but I suppose we all have to start some where.
:oops: I was starting in the wrong area obviously. I think also I need to try and make them a little thinner perhaps then I may have less of a job in filling honest I could file for england or was last night :D

I will definitely try this method on my next poor victim aah :twisted: no no I will be kind.

Thank you


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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
Hi everyone,

Yes the same old boring thing as I found out called chasing the line.
Help once again, yes i read the tutorials, have read read read as much as possible, but still I am struggling.

As yet I have not managed to order the creative products AS YET, but will, however in the mean time i am still having to use star nail products.
My mother in law came tonight for her regular infills and I tried as I was told to file the infill line out tried by filing below the line to see if that would help, but oh no it didnt.

What is a girl to do, I am so so fed up and so upset that I am unable to blend the silly line in :( . I generally use my blue file to blend and my lovley white buffing block, but moved on to using the grey zebra file, which did help but still it is taking donkeys years and to be honest both my self and my mother in law are just sat getting fed up and disheartened by it all.

Please tell me where am i going wrong, I have referred back to my college notes and like i said read read read, I know practice is the key but how long can one sit buffing the same line in, I have chased on every finger.

Help some one please.

Thanking you
Hi Grace
I think you will find your problem is that you stated you file under the line..............the way to go is to file just above the line, if you file below it or on it you will be chasing it up the nail.
So give it a go it does work beleive me :D
Take care Dawnie
I know your frustration... here is another way to look at what Dawnie was saying...

Divide the nail up into 3 areas:

Zone 1 - The extension or 'free edge'
Zone 2 - The apex or rather, the center of the nail body (between Zone 1 and Zone 3)
Zone 3 - The cuticle area or rather, the lower portion toward the cuticle line.

Now that is established....

Lets say all of Zone 3 is lifting...
What you don't want to do is bother filing in Zone 3. You want to start in Zone 2 (hell... if all of Zone 3 is lifting... I would start half way between Zone 1 and Zone 2). Bevel down and toward the line where the lifting starts and the area that has lifted will simply flake off without leaving a line or ledge behind.


Here is a bit of a catch. The thicker the nail is the longer this is going to take to do. Another point is that the thicker it is... the more likely it is that the lifting will be somewhat camouflaged. Once the product starts to thin down... it may look like you had even more lifting then what you started with. This is often the case with people that 'chase' their fill lines as they never really 'establish' where the line really begins.

Hmmm... I hope I haven't confused the situation any more ;)
Thank you for your advice however I am still feeling a little dumb sorry, but if you file above the line surely you would file the natural nail also, is this the way, I thought this would be bad for the nail plate.

Really need some help on this, thanks.
Hi Grace
OK what I ment was file above the line (not under it towrads the cuticle) if you file just above the line away from the cuticle and natural nail you should have no problem at all
Take care Dawnie
:D Its me being thick sorry!

I did do this but found I was still buffing like a muppet for some time, perhaps I have not mastered the art of it yet. What file do you use and am I correct in thinking you lay the file flat and not at an angle.

oh my oh my I am sounding like i have not even been taught a thing, hmm that would be my own fault for going on courses else where rather than a good old CND course, I will get on one soon I hope.

Thank you for your patients, mind you with my repeated questions it could be wearing thin hey.

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