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Mrs Gadget

Geeky Princess
Jan 30, 2003
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Hi All

Opened salon on Saturday business was very good had a lot of enquiries etc etc

Anyway I have had a website built, so check it out if you can, any comments greatly appreciated, I would like to thank Nicole at Designer Nails once again for letting me use of the images on the site.

Jue ;)
hi jue

Just had a look at your website it is great nice pictures let us know when you have put your pics of the team in and the glitters and nail art section

Be nice to see some pics of your salon too :D :D
Just need the piccies now ,
can't wait to see them babe

But well done nice and tidy site, easy on the eyes, great navigation............ must redo mine lol.............. You are putting me to shame lol

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxxx
Well the story why we have no team piccies yet is because I am still waiting for all the new uniforms once they have been received we will have our piccies on the site.

The site needs to be updated already as we now have a Beauty Therapist and a Beauty Analyst as well.

There are still some little finishing touches to be done to the inside of the salon too so once this has been completed piccies will be put on the website, am hoping they will be done by next weekend so the site will be updated will piccies as soon as this is done.

Glitters and Nail Art will be added too, if you look on the services - nail enhancements page the nails at the top of the page are nails that I have done.

Once it has been updated I will let you all know.

Jue :D
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