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Nov 29, 2011
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I run a pamper party service for girls and women and one of my clients has booked me for a pamper party for her pre-teen daughter and her friends. We have set packages but she's asked if she can customize her chosen package to include a massage for the girls. Now I'm not trained in children's massages, only adults so I was wondering is it ok/allowed/legal to massage children below the age of 12? And is it ok to do this when you've been trained in adults massage, just by modifying it a bit It doesn't sit well with me and I'm inclined to say that we can't offer it but I wanted to know what you thought?
I probably wouldn't do this. You can check with your insurance company. I've massaged an 11 year old dancer with back pain. My insurance company were fine but you have to have an adult in the room at all times to protect you and the child. I don't think it's really something I'd want to do in a group situation x
I'm not sure about under the age of 12 but the habia rules for age 14-15 is:
Face - no lower than neck
Arms- only up to the elbow
Legs - only up to the knee
No chemicals either
Basically no undressing should be required.

Perhaps just do hand massage before painting nails? You would be safe on that
Thanks for the replies, she has changed her mind fortunately and asked for make-up instead but I'm glad she asked as at least now if anyone else asks then I'm more sure of my standing. I won't be offering any massages on children unless it's part of a manicure/pedicure or a head massage. Although generally clients with young children tend to go for the princess package which doesn't involve massage at all!

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