chlorine made nails dull looking


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Dec 1, 2007
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Wellington, New Zealand
just wanted to know if any of you peeps have any clues as to why this happened or what i can do to stop it happening?

i have acrylic nails on and went swimming in chlorinated pool and the nails went all dull and it was like layers coming off they didn't come off totally, when i got home i just refiled them and buffed them good as new.
had a client same thing happened about a week ago.

so wondering if anything can be done to prevent it?
It may have been one of the other chems in the pool, if it was the chlorine it would have also burnt your skin and eyes quite baddly, I can OD my pool 3x with Chlorine (when I am trying to shock it) and it doesnt do a thing to my nails, however if I get any on my nails 'neat' (100% strength) it does affect the acrylic but also makes my skin go white like blisters and peal... so..... I doubt it was the pool water, but do ask them if they are indeed using chlorine and not somethign else like baquacil
We have a spa pool and I have never had any problems like yours with my nails. The normal levels of any chemicals in pools are usually people friendly so the chances of there being adverse reactions on your nails without affecting your eyes or skin in some way are low.
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I have had a client come back from holiday with dull nails,but I think this was sun cream, not the pool. Some sun creams can remove the shine or melt nail varnish I have found.

what would be the ingrediant in sun creams that would affect the nail varnish?
Dont know which ingredient that makes this happen just know that it can affect the nails, there was a thread a little while ago discussing it in greater depth.

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