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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee ka

I went to look at christies web site today WOW it is all new she have new photos .

Mui from Thailand
cool il check the site out :biggrin:
Kimberley said:
cool il check the site out :biggrin:

Kimberly sawasdee ka

christies web she have some tutorial and from christie web site is very good for learn about paint nail art this the web site we look many time look flower and customer like too much .

Mui from Thaland
Lovely that girl really likes her nail art !!! Its very good :)
what a good website :)
Yeah, there really IS one talented lady! Will be trying my hand at her tutorials very soon.

Great website, thanks Mui!

G. x
ive had her site bookmarked for a couple months now and did notice that she hadn't updated in a while

its really nice though to see she's still keeping it up, shes really amazing! and the site is really well put together and hopefully we'll get some more tutorials on there!!

great job christie. and thanks mui for the heads up!
Wow! Those are really awesome! Thanks for posting this site, Mui.
Wow. great site, love the tutorials. Thanks for the site mui.
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