Christmas Retail! what sells the best and whats your favourites!?


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Aug 6, 2010
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hey everyone!
was looking on the sweet squared website last week and looking at all the new xmas stuff and was wondering do client acutally pay they retail prices of them?

or do you make your own xmas gift sets up?

or what other companys do you get some good gift sets from that are good value for money and clients buy?

as this xmas is a great time so get some more retail bits in!!
I do both. I usually buy into the redken xmas gift sets as they do very well. I also have beautiful printed boxes (shoebox size) in dark blue with my logo in gold foil. People can choose what goes in from all our ranges, and I make it all nice with tissue paper and ribbonetc.
This may well seem like a very stupid question - so apologies before I start!

Can you retail without the permission of the brand? For example, I love the OPI Little Teasers at the minute so have bought a couple from the wholesaler for xmas pressies for family who I know will love them, but if I wanted to could I retail them without OPI's permission?

Just one of those thoughts that pops into my head a million times a day!

Yes of course you can.
HI . I put together the retail favs of the brands that i stock,they sell really well . I bought ciate nail sets last year and im still looking at them!!!:rolleyes: I bought them in a panick. Never again!!!!:lol:

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