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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
I love doing nail art but only do free hand at the moment and I would like to progress my skills...I do have a compressor for spray tanning which I know could be used for airbrushing nail art (if another gun is purchased), but I dont just want to learn how to air brush.

So I wondered has done a course and did it cover the full spectrum i.e crafting acrylic for 3D sculpting a tip into a weird and wonder shape?

Any feedback is gladly appreciated...Thanks
Hi Louise

You should pm Chocolate...She'l give you all the info you need!
I'd love to use Chocolate but shes just to far away...suppose she might know someelese though in the north...
i believe creative leeds do an airbrush course. If i am right Dianne Plumer takes it and she is the bees knees woth a call as its near for you, or how about asking for some one to one with her??? hope this helps
Its a shame you are so far away as i do all the nail art, 3-d clasess etc

Give Di Plummer a call, she is sooooooooo sweet and wicked at nail art. She will help you out and is based in leeds.
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