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May 25, 2003
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hi everyone
as a kind of follow up from the storing brushes post i just wondered what do you all use to clean your brushes? I do gel nails and was always told to just wipe it with a lint wipe after use but im not convinced tihs is cleaning it properly?

Also the chlorispray some poeple have recommended on here (from creative) is this sufficient enough to clean the implements or do they still need to be sterilised when i get home?

Thanks very much in advance for any replys,

Aha someone else asking how to clean brushes!! I was told to wash my brush in monomer after using why has my brush gone hard?! :( ssh Im not trained yet, im allowed to make mistakes at the mo ;-)

When you are using gel, your brushes can be cleaned in a little of your 'wipe off' solution or a bit of alcohol and this will strip any gel from the brush.

Brushes used for Liquid and powder application (all nail systems includng Fibreglass are acrylic ) should be cleaned in CLEAN monomer NOT the monomer you have just used for your application. If your brush has gone hard you are working too wet with your product and your liquid is getting gunky!!

Chlorispray is a medical spray disninfectant for tools and hard surfaces. It is sufficient for salon purposes - there is NO need to sterilize any equipment unless you have abraded the skin or caused a client to bleed. all tools and files should be cleaned and sprayed between each client.
hi geeg
thank you so much for your reply! it was just what i wanted to know!

thanks :D

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