Client had a reaction to glue-can she have Shellac?


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Apr 18, 2010
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Hi fellow geeks i need some help.. so i have just had a client come into the shop saying a few years ago when she was having false nails she had a reaction to the glue and it hurt right down to her knuckles.. she seeked medical advice which they hurt for about a week afterwards.. she has just asked whether she could have shellac & when i stated i will have to look into this a little bit further due to ingredients etc she was quite rude saying i should surely know after using the product all the time.. The only thing niggling in my head is obviously there has got to be some sort of ingredient in the shellac which allows them to stick to the nail beds.. am i wrong?? anyway i didnt want to do the treatment just incase of a reaction can anybody help please?? ive taken her contact details down so i can let her know whether she can have the treatment or not.. Thanks in advance x
I don't think she would have a problem. As far as UV cured products go Shellac has the least potential for a reaction due to its low amount of photo initiators. I would be concerned about her as a client though since she got mad at you for wanting to look into it further. She should be impressed that you care enough to investigate!
You can always do a test nail but nail adhesive is Ethyl Cyanoacrylate and Shellac does not stick to the nail with EC.

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