Client hair went green from purple conditioner


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Jan 18, 2012
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East yorkshire
Hair history .. Client is partners cousin and wants me to start doing her hair from now on... Here goes
She had bleach foils then out on a purple conditioner (from super drug) and in some areas it went green? Why is this as I've never seen it before!
So this was a few months ago and since then I've been doing her hair.. We've been working our way to brightest blonde possible so I've just been packing in lots of bleach foils with 6% and only doing roots and occasionally taking it down in some darker areas as I want the condition to stay good, then toning in 9.5.1 Schwarzkopf which has been fine, both happy with result!
But now she wants her hair grey with a hue if purple and I'm scared it's going to go green again, even with a professional product as I've never seen it happen before! I am nervous as she's just started to trust someone else doing her hair and it's family now, I will attach pics of the colour she wants and the colour she is at the minute.
she has had a set of blonde foils since this pic so it is brighter. I work with Schwarzkopf and was thinking of 9,5.22 and a tiny amount of 0.89 to give purple hue?
I suspect if it's from super drug it's one of the colour conditioners .. There's an ash one which she probably thought was the same .. I can't see how a regular purple conditioner would turn anyone's hair green
It's like the crazy colours I believe, but I've been reading up on a few topics about grey toners and some people are saying if there's yellow tones in the hair it can throw of green, I'm just worried that it will go green again, as u can see in the pic there is still a slight bit of green going threw her hair. It really grabbed :-/ xx
It's hard to tell as it looks like there is a filter on that pic but if she has some porous areas and yellowy tones then a blue ash toner would go a little green. You need a vitamin c detox product to rid the hair of any toner thro the ends and then work on lifting the hair to a very clear blond before choosing your grey toner!
I would use Kenra silver metallic rapid toner and a dot of violet kicker for this.
Thanks for the replays would u recommend lifting it a tad more before toning with the 'ash' look. I'm going to take a test cutting tonight with some 8.11 just to see how that comes out, that's all I've got a home, I'm on maternity leave at the moment. I use Schwarzkopf colours xxx
Emcolorme we don't have access to Kenra here in the uk
Here's mine, igora 8-11 & blonde me lilac 1/2 & half of each over bleach highlights x


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Sorry I didn't realize. Amandahartly, beautiful!
I've took a test of 8.11 and she said it's too dark, so now do I go for the 9,5-22?? Stressing hell haha xx

One on left is 8.11 with3% and one on right 8.11 with smidgen of 0.89 and 3% xx
8-11 by Schwarzkopf is quite plain beige grey I find. Blondme lilac would be better I guess. You can dilute it with their clear
And u don't think it will go green? Xx
I've took a test of 8.11 and she said it's too dark, so now do I go for the 9,5-22?? Stressing hell haha xx
It might look too dark, but after 2 washes it will of faded tons! X
Never had this happen b4 but always used pro brands of purple up keep. Purple is red and blue so there shouldn't be any yellow pigments in it seeing as this is the same yellow we are trying to stave off. Bet its just because its a cheap brand with lesser quality ingredients in it I would advise you to not worry about it. At least the greenish tinge should come out easily with a chelating shampoo or mild bleach cap.
I applied 9.5-22 and it didn't go green haha as I was worried and she's going to go for the 8.11 next time as the 9.5-22 wasn't as dark ... Lol knew that was going to be the case! Haha xxx

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