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Mar 6, 2013
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Any advise would be appreciated please. I'm using nsi secrets gel with correct lamp. I'm having problems with just one client. By day 13 her nails are lifting and 2 have peeled off. Last time after 2 and a half weeks I soaked off and redone a new set as they was so bad. She admitted last time that she has put them through hell (her words). She says this time that she's been good with them. I've had no problems with anyone else. Do i keep at it or give up and advise her to try somewhere else? What would you do? X
How long does she expect them to last? I hope you are charging her for the re-do. If it's just one client, it's probably her, not you.
As Attitude says, if it's only the one, it's def something she's doing.

Where do they lift from, is it the cuticle or free edge? If it's the free edge it's more than likely a cleaning/anti-ageing product gnawing away at that beautiful seal you've done round the free edge

Another question, is it every finger or just a few?
I honestly don't know what she expects from them. Last time they had peeled from the free edge with lifting near the cuticle area. Some had peeled completely off leaving a perfect nail underneath. The nails were shiny like they had been buffed, no sign of any gel, damage or the tip. The lifting areas was actually full of mud where she had been gardrning. This time she says 2 have lifted from the free edge and come clean off again. I don't understand what's happening to them apart from her mistreating them. She's coming tomorrow and yes I'm definatly charging appropriately. Most of my ladies get 3 weeks with minimal to no lifting and have never had them peel totally off x
Sounds like very poor aftercare tbh. Perhaps advise her that if she's going to be that heavy on her nails and not protect them properly (mud?!! :rolleyes:) then she would be better suited to a stronger product such as L&P and advise her of how much extra it costs.
Full of mud lol wth

Does she wear gloves? Xx
No she doesn't lol. This time she's promised (yet again) to be good. We'll see x

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