Client new to gel nails has expectations, may not be able to deliver

I have a client booked next week for gel polish and has seen the nails of a collegue at work that I can only assume has hard gel or white tip extensions on. My client has great faith in me being able to deliver as pristine , precise nails as her collegue. Help !!!

I use cuccio and gellux gel polish and as I have explained to her that a very pale gel colour will have to be used to prevent the white gel from bleeding into the base coat , she says she wants completely clear.
My current french pink is " I left my heart in san francisco" but I think it will be too milky pink for her .

I am dreading this appointment but can any geek suggest an alternative to struggling with a base coat that will bleed , ( flash cure each one ???) then not use colour at all, then 2 top coats to provide added strength.?
I do hate french , but this one in particular is getting me a bit stressed, because it is not like any I will have done before.

Do you charge extra by the way for french polish application please?
Ant help at all will be gratefully recieved.

I use ‘pink whispers’ for my French, it’s super natural. I love doing french!

I do have that from gellux , great suggestion !!!
thanks angel.

I do have that from gellux , great suggestion !!!
thanks angel.
I would only put one coat of this on then your white for the tips to keep the pink really natural and not too much for your client

Will follow your advice , I am so grateful. Fingers crossed she will be pleased.