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Jul 9, 2006
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Carmarthenshire, S.W.Wales
I have had a new client today, who suffered a heart attack last year. She has been on Cardio meds since October, and in the last 5 months her nails ahve started to peel, split, flake and crack at the free edge.

So she came today and I did an Express Manicure for her, advising her to purchase Solar oil and come on a regular basis for a manicure.

The edges were very cracked and split, so I filed them back so they were all a uniform length and then gave them a wee buff to smooth the edges that were catching. Also I did a moisture pack and massaged ii into her nails and cuticles(which are also very dry). I finished with Toughen up and a good slick of solar oil and solar balm together.

Is there anything I couldve done extra or can you suggest anything?

Thanks xxx:hug:
Just bumping my thread up just incase somebody who could help has missed it!
Thanks xxx:hug:
I think you did everything right, especially the moisture pack, dry brittle nails need oiling after all. If the client uses her Solar Oil at home then hopefully you will be counterbalancing all the damage her meds are doing.

Only thing is I assume you used enamel & topcoat after the Toughen it is a nail strengthener basecoat, and like Stickey basecoat stays tacky in order to hold the enamel on, so you always put enamel on or a coat of topcoat over it. HTH
Yeah sorry Izzi I put Super Shiney on over the top, she is very conscious of her nails, and even though they looked 100 times better she didnt want an enamel as she thought it would draw attention to her nails!

Thanks for the reply though it has given me confidence in what I have done.

:hug: xx

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