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Aug 3, 2005
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So many threads are all about gaining clients..but equal importance should be placed on keeping these clients (plus exisiting ones).
Just imagine if we all had every single client still..from the start of our career? (pretty impossible, i know)
For me, client retention is not about offering discounted services (although a reward system could be beneficial?).
I ensure that i never become complacent with my clients ie. my work is always as perfect as possible...each and every client is made to feel special, at every appointment (its all about them in regards to conversation).
I do my utmost to ensure they leave with gorgeous nails and a smile..after all they have usually taken 1.5 -2 hours of thier day to spend with i feel its important that they look forward to their appointment..not only to have their enhancements maintained beautifully..but to feel happy and listened to also.
What else do you geeks recommend that keeps clients coming back for more?
Any tips,please?
I've been reading a few articles lately about client care, to me its a professional service, with a little chat at the beginning of the treatment but then fading into the background so that the client can relax and enjoy their treatment.

my best friend came for a well needed back massage the other week and we did the usual 'how are you's' but then I switched to professional mode and treated her like a new client.

she commented later that at first she wanted to laugh because she found it funny me asking her personal questions in pro mode, but she appreciated the whole service at the end and realised and appreciated what I did and got a lot more out of the treatment.

I've also heard horror stories of clients counselling the therapists as they end up telling the client how tired they are, how stresed they are, etc.

I used to go to the same hairdressers, and became 'part of the furniture' which although was quite sweet, I started to resent. One day one of the juniors ran up to me as I was sitting waiting to get my hair washed, and asked me to look after some towels as they were running short and she wanted to keep some for herself. Thats when I decided to go elsewhere.

So, to me, friendly, inviting, professional and happy will hopefully retain clients loyalty and attendance. Also, retaining the image of the appointment being a treat, stepping into a salon which excites, relaxes and feels luxurious. Keeping the mystic and the sophisticed feel as they step in, its like buying into the image/moment.
Knowing you are committed to them and your service.

Doing great nails.

Being on time .. ALWAYS.

Being couteous .. ALWAYS.

Being consistent in your work and your atitude.

NEVER taking clients for granted.

Focusing always on the client you are doing.

Just some of the many things that keep clients coming back for more!
Thank you for the replies ladies:) I absolutely agree with you, hippychick, about professionals bombarding clients with thier personal draining would that be for a client? I have experienced that myself with waxing appointments (a beauty therapist friend). I went to her 3 times and dreaded each appointment..due to her non stop complaining about her MIL. I honestly felt like passing out with the mental drain and her painful waxing technique (not to mention her 3 year old hiding under the table). I am very conscious about keeping any private dramas to myself.
Thankyou Geeg for your input (it is always well appreciated).
I do all of these things..even trying to out do my service each time..i never become complacent. (I do this for me as well as the client being the perfectionist I am)
I guess what annoys me the most..i have noticed a pattern of clients who remain for about 3 years..then go AWOL till the following continue with services until around April.
Does anyone else have this problem?
It is nice to see them resurface..but annoying when they need my current clients appointments (which i book in advance this time of year).
I just wish they would take thier services seriously and support me throughout the year?

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