Client sensitive to fumes of lash glue


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Mar 16, 2015
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Hey all, I have a dilemma and wanted to know if anybody else has had this problem. I had a new client that is sensitive to the fumes of the lash glue when their being applied. Her eyes burn and she can't sit the entire time because the fumes burn her eyes too much. She's bad this problem with ever lash tech. So what I noticed is her eyes don't completely close, so I have two mini jade stones that are extras (about the size of my thumb nail) and I put these on her eyelids to help her relax and close them. She started dozing off (which she said she never has) and there wasn't a complaint but when she woke 15 minutes later she stared complaining about her eyes burning. And I am out of ideas on how to make this stop happening. Or how to get her to shut her eye completely, if that makes sense.
Hi Hun, firstly are you using a sensitive low fume glue?? That's a must obviously. The jade stone (or 5p!!) on the eyelid works a treat. Also after you have finished lashing, let her keep them shut for another 5 mins at least just so any fumes can go away!! Not sure if that helps xxxxxx
I wouldn't carry out the treatment if the sensitivity is that bad. I just don't see how it can be justified to do it.
I find fanning the lashes with air help the fumes go away quicker
I always sit my ladies up with their eyes closed, and get them to sit for a few mins before opening, as I find while laying the fumes will linger more.
You can also try a glue odour neutraliser spray?
As regards the eyes keeping closed, u have never come across this myself, some I wouldn't be of much help
Thanks for the tips! I have a nano mister that I use throughout the treatment to help her. I also use a sensitive glue. And according to the glue she must keep her eyes shut for an extra 10 minutes after I'm done - which I do. But I think the main thing is she doesn't actually fully close her eyes during the treatment. She's coming in later today for a fill. And I'm going to have her try squeezing her eyes shut and then relax them, I'm hoping that will give her the feeling of what her eyes should be like closed. I know she doesn't have any allergies to the glue or lashes but it's just the fumes and I think it's because her eyes aren't totally closed. But we will see tonight if I can get her to keep them fully closed!

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