Client's nails are discoloring???


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Oct 31, 2006
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North Carolina
I am new to this site, but have found it very informative!!! :lol:

I use Brisa gel and absolutely love it! I started with L&P but soon discovered brisa and that was all it took!! I don't have any problems with anyone except one person. One of the hairstylist in my salon wears the pink and white gel. They are perfect for the first 3 days then they discolor???? The pink gets a milky color and the white becomes an ivory. I always make sure that I cap the free edge with the UV top gloss (especially with her because I know they will discolor). I have even placed a thin layer of clear over the white, then applied the UV top gloss, hoping that this would give a double layer of protection. But it didnt work!!! She is very, very busy. I was thinking it could be from all the hair products and color that she uses on a daily basis. She DOES wear gloves when she does color on her clients. However, she doesn't when she uses gel, hairspray, ect at the end of the service. Do you think the products are building up her nail and causing them to discolor??? Is there anything else that I can do or anything that she can do?? I was hoping someone could give me some additional advice or tips. She is currently wearing polish but loves the pink and white look. We are desperate and will try anything!!

hairstylists products can discolor the nails, even the sprays and gels, exc... the colormousses and other things witch she does not wear gloves for. so... i think its the job.
I have this problem also one of the hair stylists has a gel topcoat over her L & P and when she washes off colours etc it stains the top coat. Not a good advert i can tell ya... :irked:

Especially when she comes up to me and says look at me nails they all brown :mad: No wonder woman when you wont wear gloves :Grope:
If there is a product out there that prevents this i want it lol

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