hi all jus a quick question to ask if any of you have used or currently use a climazone in your salons??

if so can someone please let me know of where i can get instructions for how to use it please? just bought one and no instructions and its a bit of a nightmare at the moment! it was second hand to the instructions on the front have been rubbed off!

ANY help greatly appreciated!! xx


Curly Hair Geek
What is climazone ?
I know you do nails by looking at your profile, but do you do hair also?

hiya, yes i do nails like it says on profile, training for hairdressing starts in june for me but we have recently opened up a new salon so thats how comes im asking...

not sure if it is spelt climazone or climazon... link to see what it is...

Wella UK - Infrazon



Curly Hair Geek
Well good luck on your training .

I haven't ever used one before. Do you think it would be possible to email the company explaining to them that you you have one but the instructions are missing? Most professional companies will do it or advise you where to go for directions/ instructions.