CND lamp beeping, help


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Jan 12, 2008
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West Yorkshire
Wondering if anyone can help, I have just done 4 sets of shellac this morning and on my last set the lamp cut off and made a long continuous beep!!! The bulbs are working fine and the fan is still running so I have no idea what's wrong, it's just not working!!!
Have you checked to see if the bulb are ready to be changed? Press and hold the reset button and it will tell you how many hoursofbulb life is left. You probably need to change bulbs
Ordered new bulbs, I've just put them in and it's doing exactly the same!!! It's too late now to ring sweet squared so has anyone got any ideas? Got clients booked in tomorrow too :/
Did you reset the lamp after you changed the bulbs? You need to hold the reset button down and then it should work.
Thank you sooo much :) all working now x
Glad you got it sorted - happy shellacing!:D
Thats why I love Salon Geek - advice and help that was needed urgently - one message later... all sorted out by Redduck.... fantastic:biggrin:

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