CND lamp, UV or LED?


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Which lamp?


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  • CND UV

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Apr 22, 2014
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Hi everyone
I'm new to shellac and am about to purchase my lamp. I can choose between the old and new one. I was all set to buy the new one but after some research on here I see some people had issues with it last year when it first came out. I'm just wondering have these issues been rectified? I'm not doing shellac too often, maybe twice a week. Should I just stick with the old model? I wanted the newest one as it was faster but if it causes curing issues etc id rather just stick with the old tried and trusted one and save myself the headache of people complaining of chips.
What does everyone think?
I need to decide this evening so any input at all would be greatly received!
Best thing i ever did getting the new led lamp so much faster and easier than the uv x
Have you had any issues with longer nails or feet? I've just read the lights don't hit the nails properly unless they are in the exact right place on the finger pads. I just don't know how it'd work on feet if that's the case!
Oh and any wire/plug issues? I read of people having to duck tape the leads to the wall due to it slipping
Ive been using my LED lamp for over a year now with absolutely no issues whatsoever. In fact I love my lamp :D

Remember, people who have had a problem are far more vocal, and likely to post about it than the many tens of thousands around the world who are using it successfully.
No i havent had any problems however i cant comment on long nails as I don't do extensions xx[emoji3]
Ok. I may as well take the plunge then and pay the extra! I was just worried as I saw so much issues on here about the lamp not curing like the other one, having to turn it on twice etc, which defeats the purpose of having a 'faster' lamp! I might call S2 and ask them if they've had many returned. I like the idea of not having to assemble it or replace bulbs etc.

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