CND Shellac on dry, bendy, soft nails



So I have been getting a lot of inquiries for people wanting to try shellac but say that they have very dry or very soft Bendy nails which I know will affect the way the product will wear and how long it will last. From everybody's experience what would you say would be the issues with the dry nails versus the soft Bendy nails. I want to be able to cater to the clients needs and answer their questions but I keep default thing back to thinking maybe we should just be using solar oil more often .. and I know that's not the appropriate answer so I'd like to get some help here


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How about retailing Rescue Rxx so their nails can become stronger prior to applying Shellac?


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As a tech with paper thin nails and from experience with clients shellac is not the answer for all, shellac needs a good healthy base to stick to. As with dry nails solar oil would help if used twice a day but if the nails are peeling shellac is not appropriate. IBX treatment sounds like it would be great for your clients I would have a look into it, it goes under gel polish to create a better base when nails are damaged :) CND have released a duraforce top coat to add strength for those with weak nails or a heavy handed lifestyle. It hasn't been out long enough for a lot of techs to make their mind up yet but on my nails it doesn't add enough strength for me to get good wear as my nails still bend a lot with it on so I will stick to gel overlays and acrylic, I have tried all sorts of treatments but at the end of the day your nail thickness is determined by your nail matrix, I have managed to add some strength but never enough for shellac to work for me. I would consider adding some sort of hard or soak off gel overlay to your treatment list if you want to cater to more clients?


My friend uses Coluccio veneer and she's a trained professional and she told me I could use IBX under my CND shellac and I wouldn't have a problem so I wasn't sure if I should go that route or not

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Have you tried DuraForce yet? Its designed for these types of clients.


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Definitely 2nd the DuraForce- it's a superb product!


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IBX is fab. Duraforce has a 15 minute soak off time.


Yes I love Duraforce and you can also use it to adhere crystals