CND Size 10 Brush? Too Big?


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Mar 22, 2007
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Columbus, Ohio USA
I've been working on doing the reverse application for my full sets, and I was taught that the body of the nail should be done in one ball, letting gravity do most of the work in getting the correct stress area. Anywho, I use the size 8 brush by CND and a couple other size 8 brushes, and I can't seem to get the pearl to be large enough!! Has anyone used the larger brush by CND? Is it too big?? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.:green:
large brushes take a little getting used to but once your used to them you never wanna go back!!!!
I have used different sized brushes but I think it's just what you prefer. I find it easier with a size 8 and can get big beads no problem. Are you using the correct ratios for your product?

When I have problems or am using new products, I always go back to basics and do 'bead' practice on some forms.

Why not get in touch your original educator? A few years ago, I had some issues with sculpting and my Nsi educator was great...I spent an hour going through it again (one to one) and I've never looked back!

Sam xxx

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