Coconut oil for footscrubs


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Missy G

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Sep 7, 2006
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I want to make my own footscrub,have got a recipe off the net ,one of the ingredients is coconut oil,ive searched ebay for some idea what im looking for but their is blocks of it that you mealt down,or their is bottles of coconut oil with no scent to it? or there coconut massage oil.Has anyone any idea which one i should be buying ?have you made your own before?
Have you checked your natural health stores for it?

I read somewhere on the internet that pure coconut oil works well for nail problems.
I make my own foot scrub out of olive oil, brown sugar and honey and all my clients love it. If you want to use coconut oil try Akamuti ® - 100% Natural Skincare I get all my foot and hand creams from them which are lovely. All organic, fair trade and chemical free. Good luck.

Got some coconut oil from Hollnd n Barrett today,real chuffed with me foot scrub.Used it in the bath tonight as a body scrub,smelt georgous,even had the dogs nose twitching,
It melts with the heat from your skin.

I buy tubs of it in Superdrug

Ah,wish id known before they sold it in there probly would of been cheaper,never mind now i know of somewhere else i can get it,thanx.

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