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Dec 7, 2011
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Hey people I am starting my level 2 hairdressing in september and have a couple of questions for you guys.
Do you have to take your equipment back and forth to college, or do you usually leave it there?
Ive also heard that thieving goes on at college...i will go psycho if anybody steals any of my stuff!!!!??? Has anybody else experianced this???

depends on your college, we did have lockers that you could rent for the yr for £1 - i think for my level 3 year i got a locker just to keep the training heads in but i tookmy kit back and forth because even though at the start everyone was given the same basic kit, i bought lots myself to build it up, and obviously practicing at home i wanted my things with me - clips go missing very easily they just attract to peoples clothes and they go home with them and you go home with others - just kind of happens haha
like ^ i found clips and combs go the most.. i put a dab of white nail varnish on every piece of my kit so if i found someone with it i could prove it was mine ;) as everybody in the class will have the same
Our college had lockers but not enough for us all to have one each (so some of us ended up using the male locker room as well cos they had about 30 lockers despite there only being about 3 boys!)

Things do go missing, I lost a training head twice!
We kept our stuff on us, tutor sometimes would look after folders. Personally I wouldnt want anyone but me looking after 300 quids worth of scissors, plus you will be wanting to use them at home for extra practice x
The college i went to provided everything. Obviously most of us took our own scissors and preferred combs but brushs, electrical equipment, tint bowls/brushs, clips, training heads etc were there. They still provided lockers but they were mainly used for coats.
If you do have to take your own kit i wouldnt leave it, it may never be taken but why give anyone the opportunity, this stuff dosnt come cheap!
Thanks everyone for all your replies, much appreciated!!!! Im looking forward to getting stuck in, in september. And will more than likely be keeping the equipment with me...i love the white nail varnish tip hehehe:biggrin:


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