Color sync use a level lighter


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May 3, 2011
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west yorkshire
With color sync do you always tend to use target shade or a level lighter?
Especially over blonde hair when in foils. As it's on longer than the stated 20 mins.x
Getting darker results.
I always use level lighter . Wn are bit of a pain . Is it all or specific ?
It's mostly over blondes in foils. WN I mainly used. It's knocking my confidence. Client wants to know exactly what colour they will be, and I'm hoping lol
Would you just go ahead shade lighter with all color sync?
Yeah I would most of them especially darker shades. The Wn will always appear darker with the boule warmth same in so colour . But the beauty of the Wn s if there going on blonde there perfect cause u don't have to pre pig it . I used 7wn on platinum blonde turned out base 6 . Don't loose confidence if it not too blonde change to a n instead of Wn x
Is sync acidic? If you are using in foils and leaving longer you could make 1/4 of your formula clear.

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