colored acrylic's


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Suzanne R

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Mar 8, 2003
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This is my first attempt at colored acrylic's.....I hope the link keeps working :bouncy:
cool...the link worked. So did you use purple for the flowers? cool cool

I have been working on 3D acrylic art but I can't show anyone...cuz I am getting it ready for the Nail Olympics. sssshhhh has to stay a secret.... It is sooo coool! I want to show everyone!!!.. but can't..bummers
Your such a TEASER!!! darnit i wanna see !!! Its gonna be a long wait huh...oh well LOL...I wish you the best of luck girl, i know you will do great. Your AWESOME at what you do. You deserve the biggest award. Well im gonna turn away from this post and go do some more reading :study: But darn it i still wanna see that nail art!!! LOL... :thumbsup: to you !
I knew you had something in the works......cant wait to see it :batman: I posted a different link to my home page.
Here is my first attempt too. I had a blast but it took me two hours. There WILL be more done though.

WOW I've got to get me some of those!!!!!

Loved the nails, nail fan

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