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Mar 23, 2006
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As someone who is hopeless with these things (and also with making my mind up!) I would be grateful for any opinions. I have an appointment at the hair salon tomorrow for my usual half head highlights, cut and blow dry. My hair is long (bra strap) and fine. I keep it all one length at the back with some layering at the front so that when I tie it up I have 'bits' to frame my face. This has been my style for years and I usually just get it trimmed to tidy it up. I vary the colour to certain degrees but for years I've always just had a half head highlights using two colours - usually a blonde and a darker blonde/brown. My natural hair colour is dark brown.

Here is a photo of how it is at the moment (ooh btw i'm on the right):

1396483399a1399542202b8082022l.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What do you guys think? Do I just stick with the same colours or try something different? For a while I was toying with the idea of going back to my natural colour but most of my friends and family said 'noooooo' and I suit it lighter! :lol:

Like I said, I am hopeless, if anyone wants to jot down their opinions I'd be thankful :) I know its hard to tell from a picture but usually when I ask the stylist (and I've had the same experience with quite a few) they seem wary of giving an opinion - possibly these days fear of it coming back to haunt them I guess.
you can go highlights all over with the low lites ..or go heavier blonde highlights. But then you are having to deal with roots showing faster.
I used to have similar colouring to you.. and it seems we have the same "type" hair.. Thinish.. For years i wanted to go dark, but everyone said NO! it suits me.. ra ra ra Blah Blah blah!! Seems they were more afraid of change then me.. I heard it all.. your too fair.. your hairs too thin.. whatever.. i stuck with it, and the continuing root aptm's that went with being lighter of hair.

Then 3 years ago i broke up with my partner of 10 years and decided that by way of sticking it to him, (he liked the blonde look) I would go a shade darker then my natural shade..(I have since gone darker) and i have never been more happy or comfortable with my hair..

My eyes jumped out and my face was no loger hidden by my highlights.. I Just loved it!! and guess what.. so did everyone else.. people who had previously advised against it completely forgot and claimed they always knew i'd look better dark!

Moral is I did what i wanted.. I was wary of loosing my Blonde staus.. but guess what.. Brunnettes have just as much fun!! ((hehe))

The fab thing about being a woman is we can play and change.. we can experiment!! and if your stylist is good she will not do anything too dramatic so you can always change it back! I say Go for it! If you need a change - its as good as a holiday they say!
End of the day, its your decision so go with your gut!
Hi, I looked at your pic And I would be thinking along the same lines as JDs,
I think your hair looks really pretty ,
and I think that you suit the blonde highlights
and the brown lowlights compliment your natural skin tone and dark eyes,
would you consider having a slanted side fringe?

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