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I am doing a colour correction in few days, the client has blonde hair (prelightner and lowlight) she is a level 6 and has alot of gold pigment naturally, her hair is long but very porous and uses straightners which i have recommended not to as her hair is over processed and dry!!now she wants to be a dark burgandy colour!!level 4 (420) in loreal and she wants permanent.:eek: i know to pre pig first with copper gold and maybe lightbrown or darkblonde but i am worried about how the 4,20 will turn out..i want it rich so should i add base 4 also without killing the burgandy tone?and because its porous i am freaked!!!!maybe mix with 3 vol???????OR IF ANYONE COULD RECOMMEND ANOTHER BRAND MAYBE TIGI ?I FIND WELLA CAN BE MORE RED THAN VIOLET. :idea::idea::idea::idea:


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You will need to smother the hair in porosity balancer and dry it in

Pre-pig with a red semi, no higher than 3%, develop full time, wash off and dry.

For a true plum, Schwarztkopf Igora Royal. Mix 1/3 of 4/0 and 2/3 4/99. Add a good dollop of 0/99. Use 3%.

Develop full times and rinse off and seal with a treatment.

This colour is very staining. Make sure you remove colour from the skin before it develops.

The red semi will shine through the purple slightly giving you a burgundy effect.

Make sure they take home a decent shampoo to prolong the colour. I recommend BC colour save.


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