Colour correction-Matrix or Wella!


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Aug 8, 2010
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northern ireland
Hey geeks,
well i had my friend on the phone this morning in an awful panic about her mums hair. my friend is doing a night course in hairdressing but has no real salon experience so she has just gone to pieces & asked if i could help fix her mums hair:eek:- anyway her mum is normally coloured using 20vol bleach highlights & equal measures of 8.0 & 9.0 but her hair always appears quite gold, she also has short graduated hair, last night she decided to do a scalp bleach(have no idea why!) using bleach & 30vol, she rinsed it off & it was quite yellow so she toned then with 11.20(lakme) twice!!I went to see it& the blonde isnt too bad on the top but along the 2 sides at the back of her hair behind her ears it quite patchy & still showing yellow - her mum hates it & it is quite severe on her to be honest. Anyway my 1st feeling is that id be quite reluctant to do anything on this lady for a while yet cause her hair was through so much in 1 night(she was looking for me to fix it on fri night) and I was also looking for some advice as to the best way to correct this colour, she wants to be back to a caramel/honey blonde base again with highlights, i can use matrix or wella-any advice would be really appreciated!!

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