Colour help level 5 with red tones covering grey


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Aug 12, 2015
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Ive recently just qualified and I'm working at home a couple of day and s couple of days in a shop .. Still need some help occassionly with colour. I use wella
I have a client who I colour her hair to a
level 5 she's naturally a level 6 with 70% grey . I usually use 55.0
She would like to stay at a level 5 but have it quite red like a 55.46
Can I apply this like a full head of tint?? I'm not sure about the route area as its quite grey. (Don't want it to go pink!)
Should I mix in some 55.0 with 55.46 to cover the grey?
And I'm thinking maybe I would use a quasi for mid lengths and ends???
And what developer for the quasi? 4%?

I've booked myself on an essential wella course by the way guys to give me more confidence with choosing colours
Yes I would mix a bit of base aswell on the root but just the rest on the ends!
Ive wrote a plan down
Going to go for 55.65 now!

Will use 55.65 for roots
And 55.65 with special mix /65
on the midlengths and ends

does this sound right?

help would be appreciated

she had some foil highlights about 6 months ago so ends look a little lighter sometimrd x
Thank you Yasmin!
Shall I mix in a bit of 5.0?? How much? 1/4?
Shall I still add special mix to mid lengths and ends?
No problem, yes that sounds good just add it to the colour :)
Over 70% grey in most lines you need to do 3/4 base to 1/4 target not specifically sure about wella but most lines it is
I did one like this today but prefer to keep the roots dark so they don't glow! I then used the goldwell effects which works on tinted hair & just freehand painted it on, keeping away from roots and used my normal base colour on roots to cover greys.
Love this! Love the darker root! This is how this shade should be worn.
Look fab! I'm doing the colour this morning will post some pics .. Thanks guys
Love this! Love the darker root! This is how this shade should be worn.
Thank you, was my first time using the goldwell effects, I used the RV shade & was really happy with the outcome.
Finished result ... Happy[emoji2]
Lovely, what did you do in the end?
55.65 & 5.0 on grey roots and
55.65 30ml with 0.65 30ml and 6% 30 ml on mids/ends
I always use base on grey hair X amazing job love it x

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