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Apr 1, 2013
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hi geeks
I'm i need some help. I have a newbie who went to a salon yesterday to have her hair coloured. The client is sure that she never had bleach and asked for a usual high lift tint the hairdresser stated "you wouldn't get that (pointing to her hair) from a high lift tint. Client then replied that she does always have a high lift tint she only ever had bleach when she was younger and hated the white glow of it. The colour was left on for twenty minutes, a high ligt tint requires more time then that!!! then a toner put threw which stung her head like mad. When the hair was dry the client was not very happy as she had the white glow and told the hairdresser she had never been that light before other then when she had bleach on her hair although the hairdresser was sure she hadn't used bleach, she was then advised by the hairdresser to come back in two days although she is not happy and feels she doesn't want to... understandable....!!!
This is now what she's left with.. Although the hairdresser dosent seem botherd she obviously is!!! . Any ideas or has this happend to anybody before. how I can try best to tone the glow down on the roots... Thankyou ....
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Can't see the pictures x



I dont know if this will work its a nightmare trying to upload pictures on S3
What colour house do you use? I use goldwell and would go in with a half 9n half 9gb colorance for the full processing time of 25 mins.

It's definitely bleach. With a highlift on for 20 mins she'd be orange. Then again 20mins isn't very long for a scalp bleach either. I'd say they'd used bleach and 30vol (or God forbid, higher), hence the stinging she felt with the toner. In all honesty I'd be tempted to call the salon she went to (either you or her) and say that she's had a reaction to what ever they used and you need to know so you can fix her hair. I'd be very interested to know.

If her scalp is still sensitive - poor a little milk on it, that will help with any chemical burning.

Hope that helps. Good luck xx
Yeah i agree defo bleach id say with 30 or 40vol! Ouch her head much be so sore!! I never lie to my clients and always ask 'is this ok with you' or 'you do understand to get to this colour we will have to use a bleach or colour strip'
I would use dialight 9.03 on this will tone down the glow and add depth and tone to without going khaki.

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Thanks girls. :))
I usually use wella although I use goldwell on my mum as she's always had a 10n. I'd never dream of applying a color that I knew a client wasn't happy with having there is too many risks and it's just not done especially if it's a new client for them do they not want to keep there clients... CRAZY...

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The crazy thing is that you can see where her regrowth was, and the scalp bleach was applied, and then it's obviously been out through the ends as well!!!

Take your time with this client. Explain why you are doing what you are doing, from product used to colour selection. Explain that you can deepen it down and take the root glow away this time, but with her next application (of highlift!) you may still need to colour the ends again as they may fade. You will build trust with this client by being completely open, and giving her an understanding of what's going on with her hair.

I would definitely recommend goldwell colorance as it's an acid colour and will improve the condition and give amazing shine.
In my opinion it's Definitely bleach and they have left it on for 20 mins cos they thought they would get the same effect as the high lift tint if they left the scalp bleach for full time then it would have been far too obvious she's now going to get banding x
I agree with hair by cass I would tone it down with a semi at a level 9. Do some test pieces first though! X

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