Coloured french nails


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Jul 2, 2004
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I was wondering if ayone could help me? i was just wanting to know when a coloured pwoder is applied to the tip then what colour powder do yu apply to the whole nail? is it clear?

Cheers xxx
It does depend on the look you're going for and what colour you are applying. Like with a permanant french, some people although like the white don't always like it so bright so i would put pink over the top.

If you are using a darker colour then clear would probably be the answer. But then i've seen nails where someone has done a red tip and then put a clear with a glitter powder over the whole nail for a real glitsy look. just experiment is the answer, and have a good play.:biggrin:
Has anyone tried to do a French using masking film? I saw an article in Scratch Magazine this month showing a french using two colours in a diagonal pattern on the free edge using film. Would like to give it a try but wondered whether you are left with that horrible sticky residue on the nail (same as you get with those little stickers you get in a french manicure kit).
if your using a coloured powder or even glitter over the tip area i allways put clear over the tip and pink over the rest
Cheers Everyone for replying. Your advise has helped me and i will experiment when i get the chance and get back to yu on what i found looked the best!!!


Love Laura xxx

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