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Oct 22, 2007
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i just wanted a bit of advice from other hairdressers out there about a client i have booked in,please bear with me on this one lol

my client has longish hair just past the bottom of the shoulder blades and hse wants it cut into the "pob" style which isnt a problem but ive never coloured her hair before as shes done it herself out of a box, now her hair is a base between a 5 and 6 but it looks like it as a lot of red in it naturally, shes tried to colour it what she says is to be an ash blonde but it doesnt turn out the way she wants its more like a reddy/gingery or as i would say a strawberry blonde , she wants to be able to go like a very light blonde and shes told me she doesnt want it yellowy blonde, the first thing i have done is taken two strands of hair and on on i put a tint i knew it wouldnt lift very well but i wanted to show her what it would turn out like if i put an ashy colour on , we use igora colours and i used a 12.2 on it with 20vol on or 6 % but on the test strand its come out like a karky sp? colour and then on the other strand i used 12% bleach but its lifted it but its still is a yellowy blonde colour

she likes the colour of my bosses hair which is just 1000.s in the tresemme with 30vol my bosses natural base is more or less grey/white

but ive tried to explain to the customer that if i was to put the same colour on her hair as i do my bosses it wont be the same because there natural bases are very different to begin with but i dont think she understands this,

i only really no the basics on the colouring side and i feel silly asking but i was just wondering what i should do, her hair isnt in the best of condition as shes coloured it herself for a while and having loads of bleach blonde highlights through out her hair certainly wont help the condition, and even if i was to do it i wouldnt think it would turn out the colour she wanted as she will still have her strawberry blonde mixed in with it , shes not said for definate what colour she wants only like an ash blonde colou but she doesnt want it yellowly but after doing the colour tests thats hows its turned out

can anyone help with any ideas?
Hi , it is so hard to know what this hair is like as I cannot see it :eek: but this sounds more like a big colour correction job and if you aren't trained in that area you may need to tell her to find a salon who takes on colour correction ,

her hair will only go the same colour as the test pieces ,
and if she does not like the test pieces then she should not have it done .

Also she has far too much home colour on it for you to get what she wants
it sounds very like a muddle of colours ,

I might have just offered her a few scattered highlights and lowlights
and that would be only after more test pieces on the hair ,
( especially with any bleach )
or perhaps an all over quasi semi in a med brown gold perhaps a level 6 or 7 (taking grab into account on the ends of the hair ) test pieces again lol :green:

Don't make any promises to her and try and keep things as simple as possible or you could end up in a pickle
also could you ask your boss to do it , or for some colour advice too ?:hug:

You could also ring up the technical helpline ,


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