Combining facial with a lash lift?


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May 9, 2012
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Does anyone do this? Just popped into my head last night! Whilst waiting for the perm and setting lotion to develop could I do a mini facial do you think? was thinking cleanse and mini massage/mask as generally I'm just sitting there chatting whilst it develops, thought could be a nice add on and intro to facials.
I usually do something with arms or feet. Some reflexology, hand scrub, cream or mini mani with nail buff...just trying to sell some products.
On very quiet days I offer regular clients mini taster facial for free... Just somehow I have divided feelings about facial during eyelash perm.
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Don't think I would offer a facial with this but a mini manicure would fit in perfectly
Hey, while waiting the developing time I massage/scrub the arms and hands
I find most clients don't like the mini facials while having the lashes done
Yes facial wouldn't really work I was looking at my last lash lift and not really possible with eye pads on etc. The trouble I have is my room is tiny so I can't really reach both arms as my bed is against the wall and same with feet, I can only sit up head or feet end not both! Lol think I need to learn head massage! X
No reason not to, just would avoid doing it while the lash lift is developing so you don't move her eye skin around and get products in her eyes. Make sure you don't cleanse the eyes or use steam in the facial whether its before or after. Timewise, I would suggest express as lying down for a long facial and lash lift would be really uncomfortable xx

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