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Jan 11, 2003
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....well, I know that probably most women are not Rugby fans but just had to comment on what a bloody awsome match against the Aussies today - totally nerve wracking but England came through to win the World Cup.. It's about time we won something - way-to-go lads, you kicked ass today!!! :idea: :!: :oops: 8)
i agree
bloody brilliant
my poor hubby had to go out of the house the last ten minutes of the second half before the score became 14/14 i thought he was going to have a heart attack and i had a sore throat until woodward was interviewed at the end then i had sore eyes from crying he was so chuffin chuffed
i say again bloody brilliant
Hey, I like Rugger .... I have to my scrummy cousin (no pun intend) plays for Grimsby!

It's about time we won something
Have to agree with that :thumbsup:
They did well!

I had a client earlier on this week who wanted England flags and rugby balls on her nails LOL
What a nerve racking game! Was getting a little bit cus with the ref in the second half! Thought he must've been offered a bribe in half time. Must watch it back again knowing the outcome, just to see if it was me being biased!

luckily i have no lifting on my nails or they would have been picked right off oops

Shame if any of you missed it, i do enjoy it and it is so gentlemanly too, and as for those new zealanders, last week, in their tight black tops......excuse me girls, just come over all hot.............!
I was glued to the screen for the whole match. I was getting so nervous I was pulling my hair out!!!

I must just say though, that Jonny Wilkinson will be in my dreams tonight!!!! He is absolutely gorgeous and now I'm coming over very woozy :rainbow: !!!
good match wasn't it!!!!
my hubby is a fanatic, watches all the matches and plays every saturday (2 broken fingers this afternoon!)
however, my 9 year old daughter, made paper chains and decorated the tv today, not to celebrate our victory, but because there's no more rugby for daddy to watch until January!!!!
poor kid!
Well as some of you may know I am Australian.....don't shoot me! ;) My husband is English so we have a good natured Aussie V England banter going on in our house :p I was a bit disappointed with the anti Aussie press coverage here and the Anti England coverage in Australia....not very sporting :( I turned on a tv programme here (The wright stuff, I think) and was confronted with a discussion "Why do we hate the Aussies so much?" eeekkkkkk!

Thankfully this anti- Aussie sentament did not carry over to my son's school, but when asked what team he was supporting for the rugby my son said "England!" I'm obviously not feeding him enough vegemite :D

I did not watch the game but got many a phone call and email to tell me :shock: An English friend who watched the game ( who I met in Australia, strangely enough) said that the Australian Prime Minister has a very pained look on his face as he Presented the winners trophy. It sounds like such an exciting game and a well deserved win to England!
I thought the Game was absolutley brilliant!

When Australia scored to bring it to 14-14 I was blowing at the tv to try and make him go off course but unfortunatley it didn't work! :D


I am truly proud to be English, and I really could have a bit of Jonny Wilkinson and Jason Robinson! MmmmMmmm! :tongue:

I have to say well done to the Australians though, they did play a very good game, and kept us on the edge of our seats for the entire match!
hiya all!
with regards to the rugger
mrs geek opened up this subject wondering if nail techs would b interested
well... even thou there wasn't the hysteria surrounding the england football matches, i couldn't believe the interest in my salon on sat morn :shock:
unfortunately, i had to b at work at 9.20 so i had to leave the bedlam at my house, 6 adults & 4 children, devouring not only the rugby but also a massive fry-up cooked by paul :(
my 1st client received phone calls about every 15 mins!
eventually i was a nervous wreck thinking every call was going to b bad news :shock:
at one time there were 3 clients alternately receiving calls!
you would never have thought a nail salon would've seen such interest :fire:
and despite the obvious attraction of the gorgeous lads on show, that wasn't the case because we wasn't even watching it!!!
WELL DONE ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
lol liza xx
Mrs Geek said:
....well, I know that probably most women are not Rugby fans but just had to comment on what a bloody awsome match against the Aussies today

I just love my rugby i am a leicester tigers supporter which they also won yesterday even with half the team in australia ;)

And what a match i had next door come round to see what all the screaming was about :oops: lol had a client in at 11 had to ring her but she said she too was watching the match so we both said see you when it's finished lol

WELL DONE BOYS YOU DESERVED IT :goal: :thumbsup: :king:

The one that does it for me by the way is Lawrence Dallaglio oh be still my beating heart :tongue:
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