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Jul 6, 2011
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Hi could anyone please please help and give me some advice. i have currently 3 staff work at my salon including myself they all work different hours 1 girl 2 fulldays aweek 1 girl 4 days aweek and 1 girl 5days aweek. All on different wages from minimum to £7ph. I would like to start an insentive program with the girls or commison but dont know which way to do it. Does anyone do this week with their employees? and how well does it wrk for you? Also if anyone doesnt mind letting me know what how how this works with your employees.

Appreciate any advice given.xx
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Hi my girls have to make double their wage and receive 10% on everything above that x
Hi thanks very much does this work well?does this apply to all your staff just i mean obivously the girl who works 2days wont need to make much before she gets her 10%? Where as my full time girl would have to make alot more? Hope you understand thanks


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But the full time girls have more hours to be able to make double their wage...

Jemima :)
Ah thanks jemima yes i see so it would work out either way.

Thanks :)

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