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Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
There seems to have been a bit of Company bashing going on recently and I don't think it does any of us any good.

There are better channels to vent your frustrations - ie directly with the companies rather than publically on here.

I think to publically praise someone is good but to openly slate a company for one error makes not much sense to me.

If you think about the posts being on here for years to come someone may come on here and read one negative post about an order being late etc and get a clouded judgement of that company.

What is it they say about customer service - if it is good tell everyone, if it is bad only tell us (the company).

Treat everyone as you would be treated - how would you feel if you altered someones appointment for reasons outwith your control and that client bad mouthed you all around your potential client base - just a thought!
Thats a good point Fiona.....................
I have taken that comment on board, because it makes somuch sense !!!!!
I do understand the point you're making, and i think that unwarranted and severe criticism with no consideration of mitigating factors is unfair and not called for......BUT
very few nail techs/beauty therapists etc are in contact with other profs and if a company is consistantly failing it's customers, then there may be no other route for this type of persistant bad behaviour to become known - until you are a victim yourself, and then there is no way of knowing if it only affected you or happens often.
As long as individuals carefully consider the range of comments about a given company, from different sources, the "good guys" should still come out top, with the poor performers being weeded out.
Having said all that, Sam himself did say in a previous thread, rather eloquently, why he was not happy with "slating" and it is his forum, so i expect he'll see to it that he remains happy with posts here.
You are right, I dont like bashing of any type here.
Over the past 18 months of the life of the forums, I have watched virtually every pro company get hauled over the coals. Every single time it has happened, I have dealt with it accordingly.

Problems, yes. Concern, yes. Constructive critisism, yes. These are thing that can and should be dealt with here. Whinging, no. Slating, no. These are destructive actions that are generally one sided and do not help resolve problems in a positive manner.

This doesnt just go for companies, this goes for people. Companies are made up of nothing more than people like you or like me. Some can be devious though in my experience most are good and honest people. I personally would rather err on the side of cation and believe in the fundamental good nature of people... which interestingly enough are what make up... companies ;)
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