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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
could anyone tell me where and when all these nail comps happen, and how you keep updated of all this info.

I didn't get to see the comp at ExCEL as there was so much to see in the little time we had. If we could have stayed for both days we would have been able to, but it is such a long way from Cornwall.

I am by no means up to winning a comp yet, but I would love to watch and learn, maybe enter for the learning experience.

First of all ... your supplier should let you know when all the shows are ... if they are on the ball.

2nd ... there were no less than 3 stands at the show for the 3 trade magazines in the UK. They were willing and ready to take subscriptions and you really should sign up for one of them immediately as they are a prime source for information about shows, new products, trends and educational material.

If you ring your supplier they should be able to give you a show calander of dates.
Well it is the age of cyber space so here is a link that will give you details of all the up coming shows...............
click the link for exhibitions and conferences
hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxx
thanks for the reply both of you

My supplier unfortunately is not up on nails at all. He is being so terribly helpful and has said he will stock anything we ask him to, however this means he knows less about nails than we do.

I do get Nails magazine as part of my ANT membership, but that only one magazine fits the budget now until client base is bigger. This magazine did not inform me about ExCEL until very near to the date.

It is so difficult for me to attend anything with short notice due to travelling distance and childcare, I really need to plan things months in advance. Therefor what would be really helpful is if anyone here has a list of these competitions that are planned ofr the next year? (or shorter if that is all the info available)

Please anyone?
There will be a competition in October in Manchester (you can't 'sit-in' in a comp but you can watch from a distance)!! The next shows will be Olympia in March - 3 days and massive!! There is also Scotland and Dublin this month but with where you live I assume you wouln't be bothered about these!! The best shows are ExCeL - Olympia and GMEX in Manchester!! ALL these shows are run by Professional Beauty who produces Professional Nails (now a stand alone mag). There is also the fabulous Scratch Mag. These mags are NOT a lot to subscribe to - trust me, it is worth it as they give you a lot of industry insider info!! All the best! :thumbsup:
thankyou - this is very helpful
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