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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
this might seem like a daft question, but I went to both Excel and G-Mex this year and would have loved to have seen the competition work and what talent is there to aspire to..

is this possible and if so how do you gain access... :?
oooo yep got me thinking now that would be cool!!! if not a little off putting for the entrants though!! maybe ruth can awnser this one?
i think it would be great if we could see the high standard that the contestants conform too. i know it would put them off but how about a look afterwards and a chat with them too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As far as I know spectators can view the competition .............
At Excel they had little windows and viewers could see what was going on......
At Manchester the Competition Room doors where left open and spectators could peak .............

But on a note, if you are one of those spectators, please be aware that Competitors are hard at work............
And mobile phones ringing is a distraction, so is shouting go go go..........
lol........... just a thought...........

But it's cool to know, from a competitors point of view, that other Techs are keen to see whats what and then might be in the same room at the next Competition................
And all I am sure all Competitors will be more then pleased to have a chat and show off what they have created in that 2 1/2 hours in the chair...........

So see ya all there !!!!!
That's fab news Ruth. At MCR they ask me for a pass & wouldln't let me in maybe they were judging at the time. So I thought that this was a no go :( I'm so very pleased now. :p .

I would love to see the work as I too am keen to entere and feel this would give me a boost....& and of course while maintaining respect while these beautful nails are being created...Can't wait for October now.
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