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Jul 17, 2003
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How many geeks are entering the Nailympics this year? last year there were only a handful from the UK which was a shame.

I even said I would enter this year to make up the numbers and to have fun (the atmosphere at these places is amazing and a tremendous buzz) that's from a model point of view mind not been the other side yet!! lol

I would appreciate it if fantasy entrants could tell me what they use to attached there tips to their models and then after they are able to remove them without any damage to the nails or creations?

See all! any questions surrounding the comps, you only have to ask :)
Hi Theresa ,

Am not entering this year as have had a manic summer and not had the chance to take a class which I wanted to do or do any practise!

What are you entering?

Caroline x
I remember when you got your first place :) time seems to fly by after school finishes and work starts don't you think lol My passion is 3d and fantasy so that's the one for me :) grabbing an hour here or there to create but end up doing far more. Burning the candle at both ends without going out lol

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