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Suzanne R

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Mar 8, 2003
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:twisted: I have been trying to make a custom avatar, can someone help me out with directions and tell me what software you are using. I have Adobe 4.0 and Ulead Photo Express 4.0 and Picture it Publishing 2001.

I have another question about posting pic's on the forum, here is the problem: I have my picture loaded into my website :D but when I link to it from here it is taking up the whole screen :x , so my question is why is it 1//4 screen size on my website but huge when viewing from here?

Please help before I loose my mind :fire: or do this to my computer :hit:

Try Paint Shop Pro from Jasc software

Its pretty much a standard (next to photoshop) for doing easy art for the web.

As far as the linking problem.... Chance are that the pic on your site is confined. I can display an image that is mamouth but in the HTML code tell it its much smaller and it will appear smaller.
Essentially... your web page is telling the image its smaller than it really is (not really a good thing) the site here will not do that... it will take it as it comes.

Hope this helps
Hi Sam,

Now my pic's are the right size when linking, it must have been too late at night for me :?

But if I did have Paint Shop Pro can you tell me how you would take a picture from your hard drive and turn it into an avatar. Sorry if I seem a bit daft but this is making me crazy :cus:

You can save as a .JPG and this should upload same as an avatar. Just remember to keep the pixels low. Hope this helps. :D

Divas Nails
Hi there

I just used one of my own pics and reduced it in size. I use MS Picture It though, not sure what you have. I changed the size of the pic because when I try to load it on this site, it tells me the pixels need to be 131 or less. So just reduce it to where it will fit. Takes some fiddling,but it can be done with a good photo editing package.
OH MY GOSH :!: My avatar is up :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy: , A big huge THANKS for everyone's help :salute:
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