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Apr 15, 2012
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Hi, I'm new here so not sure if this question has been asked before or not, I have just completed my level 2 nvq in beauty therapy and swedish massage diploma and a couple of other add on and enrichments, I had a very good tutor and managed to be top of my class throughout my training but now it's over my confidence has all but gone!!! I'm a mature student (31) so had a big challenge learning with lots of younger girls and found that a breeze, I enjoyed the customers coming into college, even the ones that treated you like an idiot just because you had a student badge on, now I don't have anyone around and am trying to set up a salon at my home my mind is coming up with so many reasons not to!!! I treat my friends and family with no issue I cope with problems without becoming visibly flustered but the thought of treating someone I know without a tutor in the room for support is frightening me!! Am I the only one?!
My friends and family tell me I am a great therapist, I know I am good at what I do I don't have any fear about doing something wrong as such I don't really know what it is! I'm just scared!! Lol x
Have you considered looking into getting a job in a salon? Even if this was short term to build your confidence? Maybe you could consider approaching your local hospice or hospital to offer treatments to patients, it would be lovely experience for them and would allow you practice on unknown people.
You are definitely not alone!! I re-trained last year with ITEC, I was a mature student as well (same age as you in fact). I qualified with a distinction, am the only person in the history of the college to get a distinction and I still don't feel good enough! The pressure that I put on myself every time I go to a client is unbelievable, I never look at the good stuff that I do, always focus on the negative and it's got to stop!!

Clearly you are good at what you do and you're good at doing treatments for your friends and family so what is the problem with doing a treatment for a client? Is it the fear that you'll do something wrong? Is it because they're paying? Is it because you don't know them? You need to work out what the real problem is before you can address it xx
Honestly I think it's the fear of not doing a good enough job! I did a friends French polish the other day first time doing chevron and added a few dots under the line with my new dotter to finish off, first time I had used it I was so disappointed that it didn't look absolutely perfect and she was ecstatic that they looked fab! She has called me twice to tell me that she has been stopped and people have commented on her nails at the till in tesco!! But I just think I didn't do a neat line on her thumb I hope they didn't see that or the dots aren't even or something equally as silly!! I want my work to be perfect but at the same time I have to be happy when the client is happy but I don't want to become complacent with my work! I just want to be as proud of my work as they are!!
Am I putting to much pressure on myself or is it a good thing to be perfect every time?
I think that what you might see as not perfect, other people will love. It is easy to be really critical of yourself - I do it too with hair. You need to not be so hard on yourself. Its really good to want to keep up high standards, but if you always look for what you've done wrong, you'll drive yourself nuts! Try and look at things that you were pleased with, rather than what you think was wrong, it'll help with your confidence.xx
Thank you, I think of I get my first few strangers out of the way I will be fine! Just got to get the nerve up to get them in the door lol!
It is bloody scary! Just remember that you get to do something you love and make people feel good about themselves.x

This is the polish on my friend, I didn't manicure first as she was wearing falsies so just a re polish x
Well I hate to tell you this but you have the same problem that I're a perfectionist! It's an illness and you need to seek medical help asap lol :D

Seriously, I feel your pain. You're good at what you do and everyone else loves it but you're automatically drawn to criticise! For the sake of improving criticism is good but there's a line that needs to be drawn for both of us, otherwise we'll never completely enjoy what we do because we'll always be waiting for what's wrong with the treatment. Now on one hand I think striving for perfection is a good thing so we don't want to lose that but maybe if when we do a treatment from now on, we list to ourselves what was good about the treatment and then pay a small amount of attention to what could have been slightly better. That way we're focusing on the good and only making note on the bad. It wont be easy but it's worth a go :hug:
Ok deal! The next treatment we do we shall post on here all good comments about it and maybe only one thing to improve on!! Then hopefully we will learn to focus more on the positive!! 😊xx
Ok deal! The next treatment we do we shall post on here all good comments about it and maybe only one thing to improve on!! Then hopefully we will learn to focus more on the positive!! 😊xx

I'm in :biggrin:
The nails look great, I'm also a perfectionist so I'm never happy, I only do on friends and family and the other week thought 'I can't do this' but waited until the next day and done my own nails which I was 90% happy with, once you start getting clients your confidence will grow, even If yr not feeling confident try and come across as you are and that will put the clients at ease, you will be fine hun x x

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