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Nov 7, 2014
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i always ask my clients what medication/vitamins they take but I'm never 100% sure which should be red lights and which are likely to affect the end result and which are fine.

I know thyroxine is for Thyroids and can affect how a perm takes but other than that I'm clueless! Help!
Bumping this back up...
I'm on thyroxine and never thought about it affecting my hair treatments!!! Learn something new everyday!!! I know my skin and nails were affected so that would make sense. X
Hi there, I have a few ladies & gents who take meds for various mental health complaints & I've found if you're doing anything involving chemicals it's very unpredictable, for example one of my ladies had no trouble with having a colour for ages & then she was put on something different & her hair won't take now unless I pre soften, another who has had years of successful perms had her meds switched & they just don't last now.
Also (this is from personal experience) meds can change the texture of your hair. I had very straight "rat tail" hair most of my life until I began taking meds, now my hair is curly & there's a patch over my right ear that won't lift at all.
It's a very good idea to ask what your clients medications are if they have any, that way you can prepare for any surprises.

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