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Nails at Home

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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
I've been a mobile technician now for just over 6 months and am starting to build up a good amount of clients :D Now I know that business "rules" state that you should never get too friendly and personal with a client in order to remain professional :( but I find this very hard as lots of my clients ARE very friendly people and love to chat - telling me about their life and family and asking me about mine. I'm a very chatty and open person (probably to do with being a Gemini!) and feel very comfortable with this sort of conversation going on. My view is that many clients have their nails and hair done as a social thing and love to have a good old gossip as part of the service. Of course if the client doesn't seem so chatty I don't force the conversation but this is rarely the case. Also, as it takes a good couple of hours for me to do a set of nails I think it would be really awkward if talk was very limited in order to keep "professional". Anyway, what I'm asking for here is please please please could you give me your own personal views on this and how you are yourselves with your clients? Thanks in anticipation :?
I am the same as you mobile and I love to have a chat with my clients ( takes a while longer with me as I am deaf and have to lip read lol) but anyhooooooo if my clients wants to chat then we do.
If I have the time I sometimes stay for a coffee in the garden (weather permitting).
We chat about most things family, boyfreinds, husbands ect ect I just try not to get to involved and keep it on a low profile.
Take care Dawnie xxxxxx
Thanks Dawnie - so you chat about all sorts yourself - that's made me feel better 8) :D And you even stay around for a chatter and a cuppa too - I was offered dinner at one of my new clients last week - she was making it for the family and said if ever she's got enough food to go around she always invites guests to eat too :D Very nice lady and we had a good old gossip - would have felt very rude to turn down the beautiful dinner eh? ;) ;)
Hiya Nails at Home

I always chat with my clients. I start off asking how their week was and then take it from there. If they want to chat then we talk about general stuff, telly, families, etc. If they aren't too chatting I discuss their nails and then leave it, I hate trying to 'flog' a conversation. But one client I had (past tense!) used to tell me about the things she'd found hiding amongst her husbands clothes!!! ;) :shocker:

A good tip I was given: talk to the hand! Saves time instead of looking up
I`m an open book with my life, family etc. If my clients are really open and honest then so am I. As long as the conversation doesn`t stray to talking about others detrimentally then I`ll get as personal as the client wants to get as we get to know one another. It takes a while to build up a rapport with your clients and I personally think getting a bit closer can`t hurt
You guys are making me feel a lot better - thanks :D :D :D I'm now not feeling as though I'm a failure by not being "professional" enough :)
I love having a good ole conversation with my clients. Like you, I too am a Gemini absolutely impossible for me to sit with my client for 1 1/2-2hours quiet..... :? The silence would distract me!

The conversation is not detrimental to other people, and I don't discuss my clients with each other unless I am referring to some advice I had given to one client and it was successful etc etc

Julia ;)
Thanks Julia - I too make sure that I don't chat about one client to another which could be very personal unless it's about nails - but every other subject seems to go!!
Hi nails at home :)

Im also a gemini :D and i just chatter chatter the whole time, whether it be about nails or boyfriends or husbands.

I usually sell alot of take home packs and polishes this way! :o

I dont get too personal but day to day things and children and husbands get talked about alot :D wonder if their ears burn!! :D

I get a few say how lovely it is to sit and relax and have a good old chat about anything and im always confidential and never discuss other clients unless of course its about nails :D
Hi !!

I find that they usually are the ones needing the chat!! :D I have a lot of busy business women as clients, most of them working in IT and often, they just need to unwind. They also know I used to work in IT, so most of the time, I know what they are talking about. So I let them talk and talk and reply only when they call for an answer... Whatever the service they come for, they always go back to work / home relaxed and not so stressed!! My other clients, I'll chat a lot with them because they usually have more time. We'll talk about work, family, kids (funny, I don't have any!! so I just talk about my cats!!) , husbands, Bf.... I do put a stop at holidays!! :shock: No, just kidding!! :p I suppose it gets more personal depending on how long you have known the person, and how comfortable you feel with them.. Some I just can't get pass the Hello, How have you been since last time, and Thank you, Bye, See you soon!! :? With others, we have had to stop whatever we were doing as we were almost rolling on the floor laughing... Can't remember why though... :?
Look at this way.............who would you personally go to have your nails done with (end result equally the same)?

Bubbly Barbara


Miserable Mandy let's think :shock:

As all the other ladies have said, as long as you don't get roped into bitching about other client's/nail techs then really why not have a nice time. Isn't it lovely doing a job that you really do enjoy!!

Hey Dellie...You've just solved my business name dilemma...

Miserable Mandi's Nails :o :D :shock:

What do you all think?? ;)

But back to the topic...I always had girly chats with my nail tech in Oz. I think when I start to do nails on real people (no plastic hand!) I'll take my lead from the client, but like others have said no bitchiness or gossip.

Thanks girls - but Mandi, what do you class as gossip??? :?
I won't talk malicious(sp?) gossip, you know hurtful stuff. but some celeb gossip os ok with "did you see that guy on TV last night??... oooohhh--eerrrrr...he was a bit of alright!"
One of my client seem to feel comfortable releasing any and ALL infomation at times. But when you don't commet on on certain things she seems to get the hint. But I work out of my home so the atmosphere is a little more casual than a salon, still professional though. But I still have a son (3 year old) who sometimes likes to walk around in his spiderman underwear. :oops: :D

I like to chat as well don't get me wrong and I find nothing wrong with talking about ones life. So I agree with the others.
meckleberry said:
But I still have a son (3 year old) who sometimes likes to walk around in his spiderman underwear. :oops: :D

At least it's not the dog dragging out the dirty laundry :shock: :shock: :shock:
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