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Jan 15, 2003
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Fairfield, Illinois, USA
Okay I may be having a blonde moment here :oops: . When you say conversion courses, what exactly do you mean? Is it a workshop with the educator demonstrating? This is the first place I have ran across this term. Granted I am new to this field and have only been to one hair/nail show and that was while I was still in school.
A 'conversion' course is a course set up to 'convert' you from one system to another. This is something we do in the UK for certified nail teks who are unhappy with their present system and want to swap; equally they may just want to learn something new! Proof of certification must be faxed before hand or presented at the course. I can only speak for the 'Creative Conversion' although I imagine other companies are similar; it is a full day and costs the price of the kit (£67.50). I know you are stateside and have no idea what happens over there :?:

Anyway, hope this answered your question! ;)
Ok this conversion thingy has me started thinking :idea:
Could I do this course even thought I am only certified to do fibreglass, gel and Silk. :?:
Will the course teach me to do Acrylics then????
I am having a blond evening........ :oops: offence ment to all blonds out there lol
love Ruth xxx
Unfortunatly we only allow L&P users into the conversion course as the course isnt designed to teach L&P... just to show L&P users how to get the most out of the system.

sorry ruth! :(
Ok Sam :D
So I will have to do a course then . :(
Well that will be the next step then, but i must say my self tuition is comming along in leaps and more leaps. Thanks to your tutorial.
Getting loads of compliments, for my nails..... ;)
But I will invest in another course, soon as my pennies are saved up.
Thanks for the info thought ;)
Love Ruth xxx
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