Converting my clients from tips to sculpts.xx


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Jul 17, 2011
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Hi, I have a handful of friends who I use to practice my acrylic nails on. They are all from the same family and all have really flat nail beds. The Ez flow tips I am applying have too much of a C-curve so I have to pre -Taylor the size up and apply. They have been brilliant clients, come for every appointment and there infills and let me take as much time as needed to get application right and we have only lost a few full nails due to drunken nights out or shutting the window lol. They admit to it which is good lets me know that is not down to my application (breath a sigh of relief) . Any way I want to start sculpting rather than using tips and I have let them know I am going to try something different and the benefits of sculpting and they are happy to let me carry on.
I was going to soak there enhancements off and proceed from there. Whats the easiest way for me to go about this?
How do I apply forms for different nails shapes or Is it a general rule for all?
Do I file the free edge down as they have had there tips on for a few weeks?
I have seen some videos where liquid is pressed out of the brush when applying a white bead. Do I need to do this?
I would like to sculpt for every client. Advise please.xx:biggrin:
Oh and do I pinch I haven't got a pinching tool, is it essential?xx

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